Don’t want to bother your family or friends to move large furniture from room to room? Here are some ways to move that large piece of furniture on your own:


  1. Use furniture sliders: Furniture sliders are an excellent tool for moving heavy pieces of furniture. Place the sliders under the legs of the furniture and slide it across the room. This method requires less effort and reduces the risk of injury.
  2. Use blankets or towels: Place blankets or towels on the floor and then tilt the furniture onto its side, with the legs on the blankets. You can then slide the furniture across the room, using the blankets or towels as a buffer between the furniture and the floor.
  3. Use a dolly: A dolly is a small platform with wheels that can be used to move heavy objects. Place the furniture on the dolly and then wheel it across the room. This method requires more effort than using furniture sliders but is still a good option if you don’t want to ask for help.
  4. Disassemble the furniture: If the furniture can be easily disassembled, take it apart and move it piece by piece. This can make it much easier to move and also reduces the risk of damage to the furniture.
  5. Use a hand truck: A hand truck is similar to a dolly but has a handle that allows you to pull it behind you. Place the furniture on the hand truck and then wheel it across the room. This method is best for heavier pieces of furniture.
  6. Use leverage: If the furniture is too heavy to move on its own, use a lever to lift it up. Place a sturdy board or piece of wood under the furniture, and then use a crowbar or other lever to lift the furniture up. This method requires more effort but can be a good option for moving large and heavy pieces of furniture.
  7. MOST RECOMMENDED (we may be biased, but it makes sense to us!) Hire a professional mover, let them do the heavy lifting, they have the equipment and experience needed to do it safely. 

Remember to take breaks and use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury. 

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