Over the years, we’ve witnessed the stress that often accompanies moves and how even the tiniest bits of readiness and organization can contribute to a smoother transition and an overall fantastic move. While we’ve got the heavy lifting covered, here are some items you can toss into your survival kit.

  1. Essential Documents:
    Ensure you have all necessary documents in a secure and easily accessible folder. This includes your moving contract, identification, and any other paperwork related to your move.

  2. First Aid Kit:
    Accidents can happen, so having a basic first aid kit with bandages, pain relievers, and essential medical supplies is crucial for any unexpected mishaps.

  3. Snacks and Hydration:
    Moving can be physically demanding, so keep energy levels up with a supply of healthy snacks and bottled water. Granola bars, nuts, and fruit are convenient options to keep everyone fueled throughout the day.

  4. Toolset:
    A basic toolkit can be a lifesaver. Include essentials like a screwdriver, pliers, utility knife, and tape measure for any last-minute fixes or adjustments.

  5. Cleaning Supplies:
    Pack a small cleaning kit with wipes, paper towels, and a multi-purpose cleaner. Having a tidy space for both departure and arrival makes the moving process smoother.

  6. Electronics Charger:
    Keep chargers for your phones, laptops, and other electronic devices handy. You’ll need to stay connected throughout the day, and having charged devices ensures you can address any unexpected issues on the go.

  7. Comfort Items:
    Moving can be emotionally taxing, so include comfort items like a favourite blanket, pillow, or a good book. Having familiar items can provide a sense of normalcy during a hectic day.

  8. Moving Labels and Markers:
    Make unpacking a breeze by labelling your boxes with room assignments. Colour-coded labels and markers can help movers place boxes in the right areas, saving you time and effort later.

  9. Personal Essentials:
    Pack a bag with personal essentials such as a change of clothes, toiletries, and any medications you may need. This ensures you have what you need without rummaging through boxes.

  10. Important Contacts List:
    Compile a list of important contacts, including your moving company, utility providers, and emergency contacts. Having this information readily available can be invaluable in case of any unforeseen issues.

    Bonus Tip: The Moving Day Playlist:
    Create a playlist of your favourite tunes to keep spirits high and create a positive atmosphere during the move. 

By assembling your Moving Day Survival Kit in advance, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle any challenges that may arise. At We Move 4U, we believe in not just moving your belongings but ensuring your entire moving experience is seamless. Let the Moving Day Survival Kit be your companion on this exciting journey to a new chapter in your life. Happy moving!

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